COVID-19: Keeping kids learning in lockdown

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The Covid-19 epidemic has been affecting people worldwide and changing their daily lives. Schools have been temporarily shut down to protect children’s health and everyone has an impending sense of confusion.
Although we recognize that the need for the hour is social-distancing steps, there is no denying that this has placed the responsibility of creatively involving children on parents.

As a parent myself I understand that it can be a struggle to work through these odd times.

Nonetheless, a little preparation will help us parents bring things into a better context and that in effect will allow us to keep our kids involved and add order to their everyday lives.

We can use this time to motivate ourselves positively and help our children do the same, in more ways than one.

Here are five ways to keep your kids engaged during these periods and make the most of their time at home:

  1. Sets up a routine
  2. Encourage Home Learning
  3. Establish a ‘no pressure’ zone
  4. Encourage a new pastime
  5. Do activities together

Together participate in enjoyable learning events. Although this situation is unpredictable, it is a perfect opportunity for all of us to spend some quality time together.

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