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E-learning uses technology to access knowledge about the curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. The e-learning system allows the transmission of skills and knowledge to a broad audience 24/7.Today e-learning is the most commonly recognized method of training sessions and services by international companies worldwide for professionals. Additionally, e-learning has evolved as an effective way to infuse knowledge and improve the clarity of concept.

According to a survey, the popularity of e learning is such that the global e learning market is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025. The E Learning Solutions need to be more interactive and fruitful, with such a high demand.

To make e-learning an engaging experience for all, we must consider the following golden rules:

Possible: In order to make the topic understandable, online training sessions or e-learning sessions must include all modes of information. This means that an picture will have the content written along with the definition of the audio. Such content covers gaps in understanding, while facilitating the absorption of the concepts discussed by people with disabilities or diverse learning skills.

Comprehensible: Simpler here is better. It is advisable to keep the content as simple as possible, instead of using complex language or words.

Easy to operate: The content delivery systems must be operated by the users themselves. Instead of using fancy browsing or links, a simple play, next or submit will ease the user’s navigation.

Spaka News

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