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PHP is pretty much the consensus preference of developers when it comes to web creation. More than 80 per cent of websites are operated by PHP to underline its success. Wikipedia, Yahoo, Twitter, Friendster, Facebook, Flickr and MailChimp are only a few of the most popular websites that were created using PHP.

The reason PHP is a great solution is its user-friendliness and quicker growth. When developers face the task of creating a website or web application of high quality in a short span of time, PHP frameworks come to their rescue.

Empowered with structured and reusable segments of code, robust security policies, and a host of different policies, frameworks aid in complex project growth. Additionally, developers do not need to start every time from scratch.

Now the question is which PHP developers prefer frameworks when there are so many development frameworks out there? The majority of developers, according to experts, rely on these top five frameworks-

Yii Yii

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