Google Link Building Alerts: A Fast and Facile Guide

Vivek Sharma
Spaka News

If you are a link builder, you know how tough it can be to persuade other site owners to use “out of the blue” pitches to link to your site. This is valid even if you have fantastic content or have ties established for years.

That’s why there is the mantra “link building is the building of relationships.” You often have to build a relationship with the site owner first before you make a link. This means everything from following them on Facebook, posting on their posts carefully, sending them emails to discuss their material without selling the links, etc. It is a competitive technique but it is also a time-consuming one.

There’s yet another — relatively quick — strategy for building links.

Does itch your ear? This means that if you’re the superstitious kind, someone is thinking about you.

Sometimes a webmaster will publish your brand name, products, or target keywords on their site without actually linking to your site. Through SEO these incentives are known as “new mention.” These are typically some of the easiest opportunities for building links available, as you don’t really have to explain yourself to the site owner. Mostly, you need only ask them to put a tag in the code.

Spaka News

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